About Us

The Research Lab Computational Technologies and Applications (RL CTA) is since 2011 part of the unit «Theory and Applications of Algorithms (TAA)» at the «Faculty of Computer Science» (Fakultät für Informatik) of the «University of Vienna», Austria. Its members conducts research in algorithms and computational technologies, partly motivated by application problems from various areas.
The focus of the RL CTA is on numerical computations, investigating high performance aspects, fault tolerance and resilience as well as the interaction of algorithms with state-of-the-art and future generation computer hardware. Concurrency and parallelism are dramatically increased at various levels in current and future computing systems to further improve the theoretical peak performance. This widens the gap between the performance achieved with standard algorithms and the theoretical peak performance provided by state-of-the-art hardware. To narrow this gap, new algorithmic strategies need to be investigated which exploit concurrency at various levels of granularity as well as hardware accelerators, special purpose processors, etc. In this context, we currently the following areas:
  • Fault tolerant distributed algorithms for prototypical kernels and for numerical matrix computations,
  • concepts for controlled trading of accuracy against performance at the algorithmic level, and
  • applications in computational science, signal processing, data mining, machine learning and internet security.
The efforts of the RL CTA are partly funded by WWTF, FWF, FFG, and by industrial partners, including multi- and interdisciplinary research projects with researchers from a variety of scientific fields.

Master and Bachelor Thesis Opportunities

We always have Master and Bachelor thesis opportunities for interested and motivated students with a suitable background. If you are intrested, please contact Wilfried Gansterer by e-mail wilfried.gansterer _AT_ univie.ac.at